Probate Valuation

Coping with the loss of a family member or close friend is one of life’s most challenging junctures, and the responsibility of resolving the deceased’s affairs only adds to the hardship. Compassionate chartered surveyors in London can provide accurate and timely probate, inheritance tax and capital gains tax valuations to make distributing your loved one’s estate and complying with the relevant taxation laws less burdensome.

At Harding Chartered Surveyors, we aim to make a pressing period less stressful by providing the timely valuations you need to get your loved one’s affairs in order. Contact our professional but caring RICS registered valuers to arrange the valuations that will bring you closure and help you avoid legal disputes.

What is a Probate Valuation?

A probate valuation is required to distribute the deceased’s estate to the legal beneficiaries. You may need to pay inheritance tax if the estate’s value is over £325,000. The gains from any property’s sale are subject to capital gains taxation laws, but the amount you owe should be based on the estate’s value at the time of the benefactor’s passing.
Our RICS chartered surveyors comply with stringent guidelines and utilise years of experience to provide accurate inheritance tax, probate and capital gains tax valuations in London. Call us today if you need compassionate surveyors who keep your best at heart during such a challenging period.

Why you need inheritance tax valuations in London

Obtaining valuations for capital gains and inheritance tax allows you to:

  • Avoid Potential Legal Disputes
    Unfortunately, disputes are far from rare when distributing a benefactor’s estate, but our skilled chartered surveyors can help prevent issues arising by providing accurate valuations.
  • Resolve Your Loved One’s Will Efficiently
    Our RICS surveyors can help you distribute the deceased’s estate efficiently so that you can concentrate on coping with your loss.
  • Achieve Financial Closure
    The last thing you need is to think about tax obligations following the passing of a loved one, so let our chartered surveyors do it for you.

Learn more about inheritance tax and probate valuations

The burden of calculating tax contributions and distributing the deceased’s estate doesn’t have to rest on your shoulders entirely because our compassionate RICS surveyors can do much of the hard work for you. If you want to learn more about capital gains tax, inheritance tax and probate valuations in London, don’t hesitate to have a no-obligation chat with our professionals by calling 020 3598 6730.